An excellent partner

Relationships are based on an honest approach. That is why Buss Port Services decided to introduce a quality management system years ago and to make the defined quality standards transparent and measurable. Since 2012, this is certified by Germanischer Lloyd and is regularly checked.

The high demands placed on the quality of our work are at the same time a commitment upon which you can rely. We also view projects of our customers as our projects. This is why it is self-evident for us to pursue the goal with great commitment, to manage this from start to finish as best as possible. Promising quality is not enough for us. In order to secure these with appropriate processes and a uniform understanding of all employees, we introduced the quality management system, DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, several years ago. As a dynamic system, the aim is not merely to meet the defined standards, but also to constantly improve the quality. At each of our locations, a QM officer ensures that the defined standards are adhered to. Germanischer Lloyd also checks this at regular intervals.