Logistics at the customer site

In plant logistics, we see ourselves as a link between production and distribution. While our customers can concentrate on their core business, we take over the logistics and ensure its smooth operation at the plant. In our 30 years of plant logistics experience, we have specialised in the requirements of the coal, chemical, steel and gas industry and, after numerous projects carried out – are quite familiar with the processes of these industries. With highly qualified and experienced personnel, we take care of loading, internal transport, storage as well as maintenance and servicing of the equipment. At present, we have five port areas in Germany. 

Plant logistics services:

  • Planning
  • Supply and disposal, ordering, and collection, provision
  • Transshipment 
  • Coordination of moorings
  • Servicing and maintenance of technical equipment and equipment by own employees 
  • Operation of the customer's infrastructure
  • Use of specialised workers

Types of goods:

  • Coal
  • Steel
  • Chemicals
  • Gas