Rental of transshipment equipment

We offer you a wide range of transhipment equipment for rental. The regular servicing of the material is self-evident - as in its testing. Of course, we train our customers in the right way. Just contact us.


  • Rental of all types of transshipment equipment
  • Trading in lashing materials (chains, wood, anti-slip mats, etc.)
  • Servicing and repair of transshipment equipment
  • Testing and placement of seals (DGUV Guidelines 100-500)
  • Design and production of new shipping equipment
  • Delivery and collection of materials
  • Advice on loading and unloading
  • Training on handling equipment

Sorting (examples):

  • Large truss with a carrying capacity of 280 t (twin operation)
  • Trusses with a load capacity of 125 t and variable lengths of 6.25-14.25 m
  • Trusses with a load capacity of 150 t and a length of approx. 4.90 m
  • Small trusses with load capacities of 5-70 t and variable lengths of 1.00-10.00 m
  • High-strength chains
  • Fruit baskets and man baskets
  • Shackles of any size 3-120 t
  • Attachments for forklifts / paper clamps / gangway rental
  • Steel grummets from 33-84 mm, 13-121 t, and 1.00-20.00 m
  • Poly grummets from 2–60 t and 1.00–13.00 m